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The Parents' Association (PA) at Good Shepherd Lutheran School is a collaborative group of parents who work towards establishing bridges of trust and communication between the School administration, teachers, parents, and students.


The mission of the Parents' Association at Good Shepherd Lutheran School is to enhance the academic and social experience for all within the community of parents, teachers, and students.

PA Objectives

  • To promote support and fellowship among parents in an effort to build upon our Christian community;
  • To foster a partnership, which incorporates cooperation and goodwill, among parents, teaching staff, administration, and the school board;
  • To support our administration and teaching staff through the many talents and resources of our parents;
  • To encourage parent participation in activities which will enhance the academic, spiritual, and physical learning environments of our children;
  • To coordinate school fundraisers through the school board which will provide revenues for otherwise unbudgeted items or services for the academic, athletic, and extracurricular programs and social events for our families and faculty;
  • To provide opportunities for students to perform and otherwise demonstrate special skills learned during the year;
  • To stimulate participation, attendance, and excellence in our athletic and extracurricular programs.

2019-2020 PA Officers and Board:

  • President: Joyce Zang
  • Vice President: Kris Corey
  • Secretary: Andrea Ismert
  • Treasurer: Michael Kohn
  • Middle School Events: Carrie Criswell, Camie Sumrall

PA Committees 2019-2020

Fundraising Committee:

Outlines and Implements a fundraising strategy to support PA goals: coordinates events, recruits volunteers, undertakes new Fundraisers to generate funding.
  • Fundraising Chairs: Treasurer
  • Blue Jean Ball Bingo Fundraiser
    • Leadership: Annie Van den Toorn, Michelle Christian (food), Shawna Mullarkey, Andrea Morales
    • Team: Andrea Ismert, Mia Gill, Kelsey Harstad, Grant Maxwell, OPEN
  • Nugget Scrip Lead: Kiersten Ross
  • Sports Basementeer Loyalty Program Lead: Kiersten Ross
  • Pizza Wednesday Lead: Christine Maffei
  • Ice Cream Fundraiser Leads: Christine Maffei, John Parschauer (ES/PS inventory), OPEN (MS inventory) 
  • Rebounderz Jump and Donate Lead: Maggie Alexandridis
  • Pay-to-Play Leads: Mia Gill, Kelsey Harstad, OPEN

Academic & Enrichment Committee:

Supports and celebrates enrichment and academic programs and events.
  • Academic and Enrichment Committee Chair: Middle school activities by MS Events Chairs; ES/PS and all-school by PA President
  • Weekly Art Volunteer (ES): Katie Bedell, Tracey Martino
  • Weekly Art Volunteer (MS): OPEN
  • Elementary School (3rd – 5th) Musical Production Team
    • Chair/Point Person for Gretchen: Kelsey Chao, OPEN
    • Wardrobe/Costumes: OPEN
    • Make-up Leads: Mia Gill, Michelle Bertram
    • Communication and Marketing: Sara Inclenrock
    • Sets: Lupe Nolan, Tracey Martino, OPEN
    • Volunteer Coordinator: OPEN
  • Middle School Musical Production Team
    • Chair/Point Person for Gretchen, Allison Martin
    • Wardrobe/Costumes: OPEN
    • Make-Up Leads: Danelle Amalfitano, OPEN
    • Communication and Marketing: OPEN
    • Sets: OPEN
    • Volunteer Coordinator: OPEN
  • MS Washington D.C Coordinator: Sandra Dolan
  • Christmas Concert (4th-8th) Reception Leads: Claudine Bested, Kris Corey
  • Art and Music Night Event and Receptions Leads: OPEN

Community Outreach and Events Committee:

Works to enhance and strengthen the GSLS community: improve "community" at school events, organize new events to bring families together, provide opportunities for children to perform and celebrate them. 
  • Community Outreach & Events Chair: Middle school activities by MS Events Chairs; ES/PS and all-school by PA VP
  • New Family Ambassadors: Camie Sumrall, Katie Sieu-Bedell
  • Room Parent Orientation Leads: Camie Sumrall, Lupe Nolan
  • Parent Socials Team: Mia Gill, Michelle Christian, Kelsey Harstad, Yolanda Siegmuller, OPEN
  • Uniform Exchange Leads: Suzie Weir, Jenn Procopio
  • Grandparents and Special Friends Day Leads: Tracey Martino (ES/PS), Jennifer Nann (MS)
  • Yearbook Editors: Maggie Alexandridis, Michelle Bertram, Mia Gill, Kelsey Chao, Monika Murphy, Danelle Amalfitano (MS), Alison Martin (MS photographer)
  • Someone Special Dance Lead/Team (girls’ choice): Jennifer Nann, Jaynie Kirby, Shawna Mullarkey
  • Lucky to Have You Dance Team (boys’ choice): Chair: OPEN Team: Monika Murphy, Sarah Charleton, Kimm Stephens
  • First-Day-Back Event Team: Shawna Mullarkey, Annie van den Toorn, PA Board, OPEN
  • Class Room Parents (preschool – elementary school)
  • Helping Hands Leads: OPEN
  • Talent Show
    • Chair: Yolanda Siegmuller, Joyce Zang, Jane Yanecko
    • Team: Margaret Devore (snack shack), Kimm Stephens, Emma Cockerton, Michelle Fazio, OPEN
  • Book Fair
    • Chair: Michelle Bertram, Andrea Ismert, Katie Sieu-Bedell
    • Team: Morgan Mischler, Maryanne Lee, Sarah Charleton, Amy Weiss, Sandra Dolan (MS), Alison Martin (MS)
  • Chapel Reception Teams
    • Christmas (PS and ES): Kris Corey, Claudine Bested
    • Easter (PS and ES): Kris Corey, Claudine Bested
    • End-of-Year (PS and ES): OPEN
  • Back-to-School Night and Open House Reception Teams
    • MS: Cammie Sumrall, Carrie Criswell
    • ES: OPEN
  • Middle School Christmas Breakfast Team: Jennifer Nann(chair), Danelle Amalfitano, Kiersten Ross
  • Middle School Blast Chair/Team: OPEN
  • 8th Grade Dinner Lead: OPEN
  • Middle School Graduation Reception Lead (6th grade parent): Annie Van Den Toorn, Jaynie Kirby
  • Middle School Class Reps: Meghan Patterson (6th), Cammie Sumrall(7th), OPEN (8th)
  • Fall Middle School Dance: OPEN
  • Spring Middle School Dance: OPEN

Appreciation Committee:

Acknowledges volunteer contributions: fosters a culture of appreciation for work done by teacher, staff, and volunteers.
Fosters a culture of appreciation for work done by teachers, staff, and volunteers.
  • Appreciation Chair: PA Secretary
  • Annual Staff-Teacher Appreciation Celebration
    • Chair: Julie Urrea
    • Team: OPEN
  • Teacher Appreciation Week Coordinator: OPEN
  • Volunteer Appreciation Coffee Chair (coordinates Volunteer of the Year): OPEN
  • Volunteer Recognition Leads: Sayumi Brannan, Kris Corey

Communication Committee

Works to effectively communicate regarding PA and school events: provides forums for parent education.
  • Communication Chair: PA President (help/input from MS Events)
  • Parent Education Lead: Maryanne Lee, Sandra Dolan, Amy Weiss



The PA will hold three General PA meetings this school year: September, January, and May. The Governing Committee (officers, committee chairs, key leads) will meet all other months on the second Wednesday at 8:45 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall. All GSLS parents are strongly encouraged to attend the PA General meetings which will include updates and presentations from the administration and parents’ association and will include a parent education segment.

Monthly Minutes

What Parents Can Do

  • Get Involved! Volunteer for a role with the PA or a PA event. We need you!
  • Sign-up for eSCRIP: EScrip Sign Up This is basically FREE MONEY - GSLS earns a % of sales for every dollar spent by parents at Nugget, Coffee Roasters, etc.
  • Sign up for Sports Basement “Basementeer” Program ( and select Good Shepherd as the beneficiary. Participants receive 10% off every purchase and GSLS receives 10% as well!
  • Be a Room Parent – Room Parents help to create a fabulous, organized year for each class.
  • Sign up for Pizza Wednesdays & Ice Cream Fridays – 2 fantastic PA fundraisers! 
  • Attend community events and fundraisers throughout the year and enjoy our school, community and kids!


Please utilize the PA reimbursement form to request any funds.
PA Reimbursement Form
P.A Bylaws (Link)
Updated Fall 2018 and approved by the School Board, November 2018
Final vote by parents scheduled for PA General Meeting, May 2019