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Budget and Finance Committee

  • Members of this committee will work to support the financial goal of the strategic plan, including determining and applying best financial practices, offering fiscal guidance and support as well as contributing to the development of a fair and balanced budget.
  • GSLS community members with financial, analytical and business management backgrounds are ideally suited for this committee.
  • Time commitments vary throughout the year based on committee tasks and the budgeting cycle.
  • Leads: Executive Director John Berry, Treasurer Kelsey Harstad, Financial Aid Representative, Donna Peters


Stewardship and Advancement Committee

  • Members will work to coordinate and support existing fundraising activities at GSLS, communicate revenue goals and integrate advancement events with the school calendar
  • Members will also seek to identify and implement new fundraising opportunities such as grants, capital campaigns, alumni giving, business and commercial partnerships and planned giving programs.
  • GSLS community members with an outgoing, upbeat personality who can promote the school and solicit contributions are ideal for this committee. Backgrounds in fundraising, corporate philanthropy, educational advancement and grant writing are especially applicable.
  • There will likely be a monthly time commitment for this committee, as fundraising opportunities will occur throughout the year.
  • Leads: Executive Director, John Berry & Board Member, Carrie Criswell


Audit Committee

  • The budget and financial structure will be reviewed annually by an independent auditor. This committee will solicit, identify the scope of and review the findings of the independent audit, as well as make recommendations for changes should the audit identify areas for improvement.
  • Note: this committee should be independent of the finance committee because part of the audit function may include evaluating the finance committee’s oversight of the school’s resources.
  • GSLS Community members with a background in finance, financial oversight and accounting are weel suited for this committee.
  • Time commitments will vary throughout the year based on the budget cycle and audit timeframe.
  • Lead: Kelsey Harstad


Policy and Procedure Committee

  • This committee will ensure that the school has adequate policies and procedures in place to operate effectively, through a policy review cycle which will include best practices research, policy and planning alignment and recommendations to the board.
  • GSLS Community members with backgrounds in corporate compliance, human resources, legal and management are ideally suited for this committee.
  • Time commitments will vary throughout the year, dictated by the annual policy review cycle.
  • Leads: Christine Hoburg


Facilities Committee

  • Identify campus improvements and facility capital investment opportunities that will support the creation and endurance of effective classroom environments, ensure the continued safety of all persons on campus and support the growth of the school. Develop budgeting and prioritization recommendations for the board, and oversee the implementation of facility improvement projects.
  • Organize parent work parties to accomplish facility improvements whenever possible.
  • GSLS community members with backgrounds in all areas of construction, project management, arts and crafts and those in need of community service hours are especially valuable.
  • Time commitments will vary throughout the year based on planned projects and campus needs.
  • Lead: Travis Gill


Education/Curriculum Committee

  • This committee will periodically review curriculum to identify and validate classroom methods, tools and programs, as well as work to align academic curriculum and character development programs from preschool through 8th grade as described in the strategic plan. Important additional responsibilities identified in the strategic plan include:
    • Identify and evaluate emerging teaching and learning techniques
    • Provide training for staff in alignment with best practices.
    • Assess & monitor the performance of all school programs, the curricular (academics) and extracurricular (athletics, arts, community service, clubs).
    • Develop additional after-school enrichment programs.
    • All GSLS community members are welcome.
  • Leads: Executive Director John Berry