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The Good Shepherd Lutheran School Board is composed of five or more voting members and three or more ex officio members. Voting members of the Board must be members in good standing of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church and must be in full agreement with the philosophy of GSLS. The term of service for a School Board member is two years. No member may serve more than two consecutive terms. The Board serves as a subcommittee of the Church Council.

Any non-member of the School Board can bring his/her concerns directly before the Board by summarizing the issue in writing one week prior to the regularly scheduled monthly meetingto be added to the agenda of the upcoming meeting.

School Board Voting Members:

  • Chairperson - Sloane Valentino
  • Vice Chair - Michelle Bertram
  • Treasurer - Christine Hoburg
  • Secretary - Carrie Criswell
  • Donna Peters
  • Paul Moseley
  • Joanne Covert
  • Cristina Rinaldi

School Board Committees:

  • Policy - Sloane Valentino
  • Budget - Christine Hoburg
  • Finance - Christine Hoburg
  • Financial Aid - Donna Peters
  • Property/Facilities - Paul Moseley
  • Communications - Joanne Covert, Cristina Rinaldi

Ex-Officio, Non-Voting Board Members

  • John Beckman - Pastor GSLC
  • Mimi Latno - K-8 Principal
  • Laura Desautels - Preschool Director
  • Lisa Herrmann - Office Manager
  • John Berry - Development Director
  • Marlon Morales - Admissions and Marketing Director
  • Shawna Mullarkey/Annie Van Den Toorn - Parent Association Representative

The Board meets the second Tuesday of each month. The Board can be contacted through email at