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At the beginning of 2016 the leadership group of Good Shepherd Lutheran School began the process of developing a strategic plan. We were very blessed to discover that RJ Valentino, the grandparent of one of our middle school students, was the president of The Napa Group.  The Napa Group has experience in planning, leadership, and organizational design ranging from entrepreneurial start-up companies to the $12 billion University of California system. Their portfolio includes public and independent K-12 education, public and private colleges and universities, and nonprofit associations and foundations, including alumni and membership associations.

RJ Valentino serves as a senior adviser to education and business, guiding leaders and organizations toward strategies and programs that achieve and maintain excellence and strengthen their positioning in times of change. Experienced in both traditional and entrepreneurial settings, RJ has advised K-12 schools, colleges and universities, non-profit associations and foundations, educational leaders, corporate CEOs and boards for more than 30 years. His work bridges for-profit and non-profit sectors to drive custom solutions and innovation. Prior to co-founding The Napa Group in 1985, RJ held management and leadership positions in financial services, corporate training, and human resources in Fortune 500 companies.

As Senior Partner, Marketing & Communication, Janis Johnson brings a diversified career as a strategist and practitioner and as a journalist with major news media. With 20 years of experience as a senior executive and consultant in higher education, health care, and community nonprofits, Janis helps leaders and organizations develop internal and external communications messaging, materials and outreach activities to build market position and constituent buy-in and engagement. She also conducts best practice research, strategic plan facilitation, and project management.

Sloane Valentino, Partner, brings over 20 years of specialized expertise to The Napa Group’s public sector consulting, including broad leadership, management, strategic planning and analytics experience. His diversified skills and experience have translated into his ability to successfully plan, facilitate and implement innovative approaches to government and citizen services in complex and informed communities. These include both management and direct services on issues involving fluctuating federal and state support, balancing pricing, budgets and value-added service enhancements and strategic talent management in a dynamic era of economic changes and shifting public expectations.

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