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Elementary students at Good Shepherd Lutheran School learn Spanish through songs, poems, stories, vocabulary, games, reader's theater, and dialogs.

Kindergarten through 5th grade students have Spanish class once a week. For younger students, the lessons are theme-based and the focus is on listening, speaking, and having fun! For second through fifth grade students, listening, speaking, reading, and writing are all a part of the thematic based lessons. In grade four and grade five, strong emphasis is on geography and learning about the many cultures and traditions of Spanish speaking countries.

The new k-5 Spanish teacher, Sasha Vargas' Spanish program focuses primarily on communication skills and culture all based on the thematic units. There are listening activities to develop mental word banks and prime their memory for speaking activities. The classes sing lots of songs, play games and move about the classroom. Students learn the rhythm and sounds of Spanish in addition to the culture from many Spanish speaking countries.

Senora Vargas teaches Spanish on Monday's and Wednesdays. She teaches kindergarten and first grade once a week for a 30 minute period. Second through fourth grades receive Spanish instruction twice a week for 30 minute periods. Fifth graders are taught twice a week for 45 minute periods.

Senora Vargas

Please visit Senora Vargas' website to learn more about her and methods of teaching Spanish!