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Good Earth Natural Foods provides delicious, nutritious and organic lunches prepared locally and served with care for your student and the environment. 

Hot lunch will be provided at GSLS by Good Earth Natural Foods on: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, Friday 

Utensils, plates, and napkins will be offered. However, if you choose, you may continue to send a container to hold the servings of food. 

Good Earth has three (3) registration sessions for the school year: 

Fall Session (Aug. 23 – Nov. 9) 

Winter Session (Nov. 14 – March 3) 

Spring Session (March 6 – June 8) 

You must register for each new session. 

Before each new session, we will give you advance notice about a registration sign-up date. 

Sign-up for Fall Session begins now through Friday, September 2nd 

Register at:

Questions? Contact: Adam Klapow at Good Earth Natural Foods, 415-382-1334