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Parent Testimonials

"I just want to say thank you all. Since the moment we were accepted in GSLS, we heard about community, community, community. But I have to tell you, I had no idea! Our children are so happy and excited about their teachers and the challenging curriculum they are learning. My son is being pushed and challenged in ways he has always wanted, and asked for. My daughter feels safe and supported in her academic environment which makes her brave and excited for what is to come. 

As their mom, it feels so comfortable and good to see them happy and excited for school. Also, seeing how kind, thoughtful, and fun all the other students have been to my children has been truly a joy to watch." 

Andrea- Elementary parent


"Thank you so much for this opportunity to join the GSLS community. We feel that the school will be a fantastic fit for our son! He is already reffering to it as "his school" and talking about what he learned and observed today. The warm welcome that greeted him today was amazing, thank you again for your kindness and thoughtfulness, I cannot tell you how much my family appreciated it. Thank you again, I am so glad we landed where we were meant to be."

Kate Shilvock- Elementary parent


"Laura and I are extremely appreciative of the wonderful education and well-rounded experience that Good Shepherd Middle School provides to our son James, the academic excellence, the breadth of elective, the caring culture, and the Christ centered approach to education all contribute to an outstanding experience. He loves all his teachers and classmates and has thoroughly enjoyed each day over the past three years. You concern and support for James and our family with his recent injury and ongoing health issues has been a huge blessing to us. In fact, we can't thank you enough for going out of your way to check on us and express your unwavering love and support during this challenging time. 

We have been blessed to have both of our children attend Good Shepherd for many years. Cristina started at GSLS in kindergarten and was part of the first graduating class at GSMS. She is currently a junior at UC Berkeley. Thanks in large part to her education at Good Shepherd she continues to excel academically. She has a 4.0 grade point average at Berkeley and is active in her local church. She is also a board member of two dance companies. James started at Good Shepherd in the preschool and is currently in 8th grade. Every year has been an outstanding experience for and has contributed immensely to his academic growth and also to the development of his character. The foundation provided to both of our children through Good Shepherd is priceless. 

For these and many more reason, we are very thankful to our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus for Good Shepherd and for you and the entire faculty. 

Keep up the good work!

God Bless you!"

Jerry and Laura Ghirardo-MS parents


"Our experience with GSMS has been overwhelmingly positive and has affirmed all our hopes on 'why' we wanted our child to attend. Many fear 'small' as a negative-the opposite is true and is supported by extensive research. AS GSLS your children are known as individuals, they matter, they feel a sense of connectedness within the school community and establish close relationships with their peers. There is less classroom disruption which allows for more time for instruction, teacher satisfaction and learning is enhanced. Confidence soars in an environment that is safe and open to the sharing of ideas and opinions. The goal at this critical age is to foster a passion for learning and to develop skills that they will take with them for a successful professional and personal life."

Barbara and Tom Byers- Elementary and MS parents

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