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Thank you, GSLS, for ROCKING Rock the Fund!
Rock the Fund Committee: Carrie Criswell, Andrea Morales, Shawna Mullarkey, Annie van den Toorn, Laura Fitzpatrick, Marci Rhodes


Middle School: 100%
Elementary School: 87%
Preschool: 55%


8th: 100%
7th: 100%
6th: 100%
1st: 96%
2nd: 90%
K: 89%
5th: 86%
4th: 83%
3rd: 80%
2's: 68%
3's: 58%
JrK: 50%
4's: 42%


Platinum Circle ($5000+)

Gold Circle ($1000 - $4999)


Bested Family

Chelini Family

Cieslak Family

Corey Family

Cunningham Family

Mark & Sandra Dolan

Ghirardo CPA

Lee-Leung Family

Morales Family

Dave & Shawna Mullarkey

Rinaldi Family

Sicker Family

Tweed Family

Valentino Family

van den Toorn-Dibble Family


Silver Circle ($500 - $999)

Bertram Family

Criswell Family

Jo-Anne Hogan and JJ Jackson

KayVee Larsen

Art & May LaVere

Karen & Chris Leech

Lermusiaux Family

Mace Family

Oliveri Family

Polkinghorne Family

Lisa Ravina

Thomson Family


Bronze Circle ($100 - $499)

Alexandridis Family

Amalfitano Family




Anselmo Family

Beth Ardzrooni

Carson Family

Case Family

BK & Soojin Chang

Chao Family

Christian Family

Christiansen Family

Chung Family

Covert Family

Daugbjerg Family

Laura and Dan Desautels

DeVore Family

Faria Family

Farmer Family

Michelle and Sal Fazio

Free Family

Gill Family

Gogas Family

Gouldy Family

Groves Family

Harstad Family

Hartmann Family

Hoburg Family

Hunt Family

Ismert Ismily

Meredith & Michael Kelchin

Soo Kim

Jaynie & Michael Kirby

Heidi and Simon Kirby

Krause Family

Krutz Family

Mimi Latno

Lee Family

Liddell Family

Maffei Family

Maushardt Family

Maxwell Family

McAlister Family

McCarthy Family

Michelle & Gary Favre

Moore Family

Sara and Paul Moseley

Nann Family

Nelson-Sumrall Family

Nissim Family

Osheroff Family

Palizi Family

Kira & Bill Pascoe

Megan and Eric Patterson

Pomponio Family

Postel Family

Pyke Family

Rau Family

Rhodes Family

Judy Riccio

Rios Family

Ross Family

Silva Family

Sloan Family

Smigielski Family

Stone-Wicks Family

Taylor Family

Thompson Family

Urfer Family

Lisa and Michael Vaccaro

Vandermause Family

Suzie and Mark Weir

Carol Wise

Zang Family


Recognition Circle












Bauer Family

Beltran Family

Brabbee Family

Cakir-Kimmel Family

Caramucci Family

Carrie Ann Colton

Dalmon Family

DiNapoli Family

Giampaoli Family

Guerrero Family

Hall Family

Matt Hamilton

Hjort Family

Imahara Family

Inclenrock Family

Jackson Family

Emily and Gregory King

Sasha and Michael King

Lawson Family

Machinowski Family

Murphy Family

Muscat Family

O'Connor Family

Kelly & Pedro Oliveros

Pantzlaff Family

Perez Family

Katie Pool (3rd Grade Student)

Randle-Clifton Family

Reed Family

Reyes Family

Ricketts Family

Ridout Family

Robertson Family

Jordan Rugg

Schmidt Family

Kim & Mike Scott

Stewart Family

Stott Family

Watts Family

Wieser Family

Janelle Yancey

Yanecko Family

Yocke Family

Zeng-Pedersen Family

Frequently Asked Questions

Tuition covers the vast majority of the annual operating budget; the Annual Fund makes up the gap. Therefore, Rock the Fund contributions help to fund nearly everything that happens at Good Shepherd and our school would look much different without this funding – especially in critical areas: low student-to-teacher ratios, outstanding faculty, expansive enrichment programming, tuition assistance.

We set tuition with the goal (1) to price our program competitively within the Novato community; (2) to ensure that the families already enrolled can continue with a GSLS education; (3) to attract a socially and economically diverse student body. It’s a delicate balance. Raising tuition too dramatically or cutting financial aid could be devastating. A strong Rock the Fund campaign allows GSLS to keep tuition affordable and without steep increases while maintaining a superior quality of education. Donations to the Annual Fund are 100% tax deductible, tuition payments are not.

Our goal is for every family to make a gift every year to the Annual Fund. There is strength in numbers – many gifts add up to a large sum each year and every gift makes a difference no matter the amount. In addition, parent participation indicates overall support for the school, which is extremely important to outside funding sources. As outlined in our strategic plan, GSLS will begin focusing fundraising efforts outside of our immediate community. One of the criteria that makes us competitive for funding from corporations and foundations is a healthy parent participation rate demonstrated in the Rock the Fund. These donors want to see school communities that support fundraising efforts from within – why should they give if our closest constituents (our families) do not?

Many companies will match charitable donations made by their employees. For example, if a parent who works for Wells Fargo donates $1000 to Rock the Fund, Wells will match it and donate an additional $1000 or even $2000. It’s awesome. Many Good Shepherd parents work for companies that have a “matching gift” policy. We are asking all parents to check with their employers to see if they will match gifts to the Annual Fund. If a gift is matched by an employer, the matched amount will be counted toward the parent’s total giving and acknowledged as such. Every dollar counts!

Here are some companies with matching policies:

  • Autodesk
  • Dodge & Cox
  • Kaiser
  • Bank of America
  • Gap, Inc
  • Levi Strauss
  • Barclays
  • Global Genentech
  • PG&E
  • Charles Schwab
  • IBM
  • Prudential
  • Cisco
  • JP Morgan
  • Wells Fargo

Giving is highly personal, and we encourage every family to consider a gift that is meaningful to them. Each contribution is valued and appreciated. Below are some suggested amounts based on a “fair share” calculation – i.e. the shortfall amount between tuition and expense to educate a student. But, again, ANY and ALL contributions are welcome – our goal of 100% participation!

  • Pre-school (2 days) $60+/student
  • Pre-school (3 days) $90+/student
  • Pre-school (5 days) $150+/student
  • K-8 $300+/student

To acknowledge the financial contributions made by GSLS families, we have created Rock the Fund “Recognition Levels” that will be communicated to our community as a way to recognize these important gifts. We are asking every family to submit a pledge card, no matter payment method, in order to clearly indicate how they would like to be recognized for these donations in school communications. If a donor prefers to remain anonymous, we will respectfully honor that.

  • Platinum Circle: $5,000+
  • Gold Circle: $1,000 to $4,999
  • Silver Circle: $500 to $999
  • Bronze Circle: $100 to $499

Auction funds are not intended to support the operating expenses of the school, but instead are used for “above and beyond” programs and initiatives.

We made changes to our fundraising calendar this year, moving the Annual Auction and Gala to the fall of 2016. This change shifted our Rock the Fund campaign to the spring of 2017. We are relying on the Annual Fund to meet our financial obligations for the current academic year.


Ways to Give:


Online via the GSLS Website.

Check made out to the GSLS Annual Fund and submitted to the office.

Credit Card payment on campus during an upcoming event.

Pledge Card submitted to the office (with credit card information included). Pledge cards can be picked up in the office or downloaded here.

*No matter your payment method, please submit a pledge card and indicate how you would like to be recognized for your donation in communications from the school. Thank you.