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Dear Good Shepherd Community,

The Administration would like to give a heartfelt thanks to all of our families for the success of the Fun Run. We cleared $31,000 which is an incredible amount! Our overall goal for fundraising this year is $60,000. As you can see, we still have more work to do to reach our goal. In normal times, we would host an Auction or another fundraising event. However, due to the special circumstances of the pandemic and the challenges it poses, we are initiating the Stronger Together fundraising drive.  

We are so fortunate to have been open since September and you can see firsthand how that has positively impacted your child(ren). Being at school has given our children a solid social and emotional foundation during an unstable year. Time with trusted teachers and friends adds that strong base children need to thrive. Additionally, their academics have not missed a step and, in some cases, skyrocketed. This is due to the hard work of our dedicated staff and the commitment to all of the new protocols by our families. 

We have started using the Fun Run proceeds to order furniture for the upper grades, purchase Chromebooks for the elementary, work on the preschool yard, begin to outfit outdoor classrooms and more. We now need your help to bridge the gap in our fundraising goal so that we can complete these projects.  

We are asking for your support for Stronger Together. Any amount helps, but here are a few examples!

Preschool- $100 from each preschool family will significantly offset the cost of the new backyard play area  
Elementary- $400 buys one Chromebook for an elementary student
Elementary & Middle School- $200 buys one desk for an elementary or middle school student


When you donate, you get a chance to win!  For every $50 donation, you get a ticket to win the chance at driving one of the new 2021 Polestar electric high performance hybrids for a weekend this summer!  If you haven’t heard of this exclusive, cutting edge, luxury car, check it out Here!


Thank you very much for your generous support. 

Administration Team

           Please Donate Today!

Ways to Give:


Click the Stronger Together Logo to Give. Thank you for your support.


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