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Diversity Statement: Endorsed by the School Board on August 1, 2023

Purpose: This Good Shepherd Lutheran School (GSLS) Diversity Statement is a commitment to creating an inclusive and equitable community in which all individuals can participate and contribute to the life of the school.

Why: The GSLS faculty, staff, administration, board, and school community actively work to gain a deeper understanding of differences and how we respect those differences in our daily lives. The school strives to provide a welcoming environment for all students while continuously improving cultural competence as a school community and beyond campus.

GSLS Core Values and Philosophy: Authenticity, awareness, accountability, and action are core values of the school’s philosophy.

Diversity Strengthens the GSLS Community: At GSLS, we are committed to building a diverse, equitable, inclusive community and a welcoming and positive culture. GSLS recognizes diversity as inclusive of race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, gender identity, sexual orientation, family structure, neurodiverse learning styles, age, ability, nationality, immigration status, physical appearance, religion, belief systems, language, and more.

Challenge: GSLS challenges every member of the GSLS community to support and express their active commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion using the guiding principles:

All members of the GSLS community are collectively responsible for enabling and institutionalizing diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout the school.

All members of the GSLS community should consider diversity, equity, and inclusion constructively in all planning, policy, decision-making, procedural, academic, and administrative operations.

All members of the GSLS community should refuse to accept any behavior or action that is diversity-intolerant, exclusionary, insensitive, or discriminatory.

All members of the GSLS community should promote a campus environment that continuously works for more significant equity through leveling access to opportunity for all its participants, irrespective of experience and identity, which includes but is not limited to the categories listed above.

Bias and Discrimination Incident Reporting: Members of the GSLS school staff, students, and families should use the GSLS Bias Incident Reporting Form to report incidents in breach of this GSLS Diversity Statement.


The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) Inclusion and Diversity Statement: The Good Shepherd Lutheran Church is a member of the ELCA branch of the Lutheran denomination that adheres to its Inclusion and Diversity Statement, as follows: “As Christ's church, we value the richness of God's creation and offer a radical welcome to all people, appreciating our common humanity and our differences. We are a church that does not view diversity as a barrier to unity. We recognize and will challenge dynamics of power and privilege that create barriers to participation and equity in this church and society – for women, people of color, minority ethnic groups, people with disabilities, people who are marginalized or living in poverty, and the LGBTQ community.”

Western Accrediting Commission for Schools (WASC) Inclusion and Diversity Statement: The GSLS is accredited by Western Accrediting Commission for Schools (WASC) which requires its members to observe its Inclusion and Diversity statement, as follows: “As a worldwide accrediting agency, ACS WASC is committed to equity, inclusion, and access to high-level, rigorous learning opportunities for all students. Equally important is that all children and adults be treated fairly and with respect for their humanity. Regardless of race, language proficiency, socioeconomic status, gender, religion, and/or other identities, all students at ACS WASC member institutions have a right to expect access to the opportunities and support needed for them to be successful. Schools who are successful in this have:

An overt commitment to equity,diversity, and inclusion that is demonstrated by clear mission/vision/core value statements/goals and shared broadly among governing board members, faculty, staff, students, and families.

A thorough and honest review of a wide range of disaggregated data results that include academic performance, language proficiency, discipline, attendance, dropout and graduation rates, involvement in co/extracurricular activities, special education classification, and access to student services.

A commitment to changing the practices, policies, systems, and structures that contribute to the disparities they find between student groups and measuring the impact on student learning and well-being.

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