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Our Mission

It is the mission of Good Shepherd Lutheran School to offer an enriched environment with academic excellence in a nurturing Christian setting.


Values Statement

GSLS exists to nurture children in Christian faith that embraces hope, love, respect, responsibility and compassion, all of which reflect our dedication to community.

We believe excellence in education occurs through: 

Dynamic Relationships and Partnerships- Each member of our community is valued and brings a unique set of talents, gifts, and perspective. Everyone is welcome at our table. 

Excellent Instruction- Professional educators are dedicated to our students in caring, innovative and purposeful ways. We believe a well-constructed question is just a meaningful as an insightful answer. 

A Christian-Centered Community- Central to our daily work is following Christ's example of intentional inclusion, forgiveness, prayer, kindness, growth, justice, and mercy. 

Lifetime Preparation- A strong academic program, enriched by a commitment to the fine arts, strives to produce tomorrow's Christian leaders who go forth to make a profound impact on the world. 

Vision- GSLS creates a learning community that values the self-worth and dignity of our young scholars and the relationships they forge. We aspire and work towards developing our students into moral, compassionate and wise citizens.

GSLS is committed to creating an inclusive and equitable community in which all individuals can participate in and contribute to the life of the school. We actively work to gain a deeper understanding of each other and how we honor it in our daily lives at school. 

Please click HERE for GSLS Schoolwide Learner Outcomes.