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Students enjoy a rich and vibrant drama program that provides a range of creative and performance opportunities. Our process-oriented program helps build students’ self-esteem, leadership skills, and teamwork through the study of theater and performance techniques as well as choral groups. The students gain confidence expressing themselves in front of their peers and audiences alike as they learn the ability to be poised and dynamic communicators.

Drama also influences literacy; We know that through reading, our reading becomes more fluid and comprehensive. Not everyone recognizes that in a drama class we READ a lot--plays, scenes, poems and stories to dramatize.  Of course, when we rehearse a piece, we read the words over and over again—aha! Then we MEMORIZE them. We practice a character’s lines using vocal inflection and variety.  Suddenly, the words come to life for the reader.

Drama builds self-esteem and confidence. If a child has an opportunity to share his ideas through drama, they are immediately accepted. We applaud for the student and their attempt.  We encourage positive comments towards the student’s effort.  Over time, the child begins to see his worth within the classroom, within the school, and consequently in the world as well. Self-actualization is realized.

Drama is just plain fun! Teachers know that humor helps students learn more efficiently. We are joyful when we are relaxed. When we are relaxed, we are more likely to learn. Through studying drama and performing, develop a camaraderie with one another that is rarely experienced anywhere else.

GSLS Middle School Presents

Moana Jr. the Musical 

Bill and Adele Jonas Center- COM Indian Valley Campus

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April 29th- 6:00 pm
April 30th- 12:00 pm
GSLS Summer Camp