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The Middle School history program is a journey through the past, in the eyes on the present, to help create a more just and informed future.  Our program uses a multidisciplinary approach to discover and connect students' modern lives to the past through a variety of projects. Our program strongly encourages lively curiosity, debate, and honest inquiry. 

Our 6th graders delve into the rich history of ancient civilizations.  They write their names in ancient languages, make tombs of the pharoahs, build agricultural landscapes and a variety of other projects that include research, note taking, geography, and critical thinking.

The 7th graders venture off to explore the three corners of the Medieval World.  This class is an investigator's dream.  They learn the tools of sleuthing, excavating, and diving deep into the cultures and conditions of the countries and cultures of this exciting period.  Students learn a number of presentation styles to share their learning with others through oral reports, technology, music, art, and drama that bring this time period to life. 

The 8th grade curriculum focuses on U.S. government and history.  Students explore the creation of our government, how it works, why our constitution was created, and what it means for us today. They also consider the importance of leadership and the meaning of democracy as the main focuses of this course. This learning process helps them to think deeply about the importance of a democratic republic, the influences of our form of government over the years, as well as the challenges and dreams for a better future.

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