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We aim to develop a deep love for learning that goes well beyond the years students spend at Good Shepherd Lutheran School by igniting in them the passion to explore, examine, and engage in various subject matters presented to them. With the benefit of small class sizes, students enjoy both group and individualized instruction, vital to success in mastering core subject matters. We believe the success of our academic program depends on the active working partnership between students, teachers, and parents. Together we support, encourage, and nurture each individual student’s academic, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual growth.

Five area of academic Pursuits make up our curriculum. They are Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Enrichment. Core subjects are taught by each grade homeroom teacher, within their classroom and through various curriculum-based field trips and Outdoor Education programs. Then the students meet with area specialists throughout the week for the robust enrichment curriculum. We offer Spanish, Art, Music, Drama, Technology, and P.E. to all students from K through 5th grade. 

GSLS is a Christian learning place designed to open a world of growth for children. We follow the California standards and faculty members are given room to teach to their passions; all class work is designed with our core beliefs about learning in mind. Please explore the specifics of each grade curriculum for more detailed information.