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Students build on previous knowledge by making deeper connections between mathematical concepts and number sense, solving more complex word problems and building their critical thinking. They  participate in mathematical discussions, group activities and projects, and recognize the value of math through real world applications. 

Our 6th grade math class builds the foundations for accelerated math in the 7th grade and Algebra in 8th grade.  Learning is active, encouraging, based on the belief that every child can be a successful mathematician given the right tools and steps to build upon. Each level encourages the process of learning math and the students enter into individual and group work, discussing processes and strategies.   Projects are key to understanding concepts and in each grade the students come to see how math applies to everyday life through a variety of activities. The teacher acts as a lively guide into understanding the language of math, finding multiple solutions to problems with students working together, and discussing strategies and process.

Mr. John Daniel


GSLS Summer Camp