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Kindergarten through second grade students spend 2 days a week singing songs and learning movement. The third graders all learn out to play the recorder throughout the year. Beginning in grade four, Good Shepherd Lutheran School students are required to play a band instrument.  Students receive instruction on playing the flute, clarinet, and trumpet. Students are taught to read music and how to be a part of a large performance group. Numerous life skills are cultivated through learning to play an instrument; as students learn to read music and play an instrument eye-hand coordination is improved, the use of fractions in counting music helps math skills, and learning to cooperate with a large group to play music together improves listening and patience. Additionally, learning to read music at a young age helps broaden interest for playing other instruments as well as fosters overall music appreciation. The Band Program continues through the middle school years and many of our alumni go on to play instruments in high school.



GSLS Summer Camp