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Middle School is a critical and wonderful time. Students of this age present a terrific combination of attitudes and skills that can be the springboard for incredible outcomes. Because they have enormous energy and a fair degree of developed skills, there is literally nothing that they cannot achieve, as long as they have the proper facilitation. No other age level is of more enduring importance because the determinants of adult behavior, self-concept, learning interests, skills, and values are largely formed in this period of life. We offer a comprehensive, academic core curriculum that provides our students with knowledge, skills, and values: Creating Foundations for Life. 

GSLS Middle School provides students with a curriculum that makes them think their way through each day. Our curriculum allows students to conduct dynamic experiments, analyze problems, propose solutions, communicate while working collaboratively, and manage resources such as time and materials. We encourage topical integration between and among subjects, and make use of project-based learning as a springboard for creativity and motivation. Whenever possible, abstract concepts will be integrated with real world applications.  

Credentialed faculty members teach the core curriculum of English, History, Mathematics, Science, Spanish, Religion,  and Art. Subject specialists teach Musical Theater, Instrumental  Band, Jazz Band,  and Physical Education.