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The Student Council at Good Shepherd Lutheran School consists of third through fifth grade students in Elementary School and sixth through eighth grade students in Middle School. Members are elected by the student body and are the leaders of GSLS. The objective of Student Council is to provide a forum for students to develop leadership and organizational skills, as well as school spirit and citizenship.

Elementary students are taught the importance of leadership by helping others. The Student Council organizes and participates in fundraisers to aid disaster victims, families in need, service organizations, and others. The Student Council leaders meet with the School administration in order to plan school-wide activities and to discuss highlights and happenings amongst the student body. Student Council members are also involved in conflict management to help other students mediate problems and concerns as needed.

The Student Council at the Middle School is made up of 16 students. Two students fill every position: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Historian, and grade level representatives. The council creates activities and sponsors a charity during the school year. This school year, the council is supporting the wonderful Gilead House here in Novato. Additionally, the council forms activities for holidays, as well as three spirit weeks which take place before Thanksgiving Break, Spring Break, and Memorial Day.