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GSLS Curriculum

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  • Welcome to Preschool!

    In Preschool, we focus on the development of the whole child through a program that nurtures social, emotional, cognitive, physical and spiritual development.  

    We provide a child-centered environment which eases the transition from home to school through careful planning by experienced and qualified teachers. This fosters a positive attitude and feeling of safety at school that creates the foundation for lifelong learning.
Our Preschool philosophy: Young children learn best through active play and exploration.

Our Preschool Students:

  • Develop the habits and attitudes to feel comfortable and free to learn, growing in confidence and understanding of self.
  • Practice the give and take of getting along with others.
  • Engage in fun, developmentally appropriate activities that serve as the basis for future learning.


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  • The 2’s

    We welcome our youngest students to the 2's, otherwise known as the Ladybug Class! 

    We celebrate the uniqueness of every child and family and are committed to letting children be who they are. We believe that by fostering an inclusive environment, we can learn from one another and cultivate a deeper understanding of the world around us. Our respect for differences is at the heart of everything we do. We teach children to appreciate and value the unique qualities and perspectives of others. By fostering empathy, understanding, and kindness, we create a supportive community where everyone feels respected, included, and valued for who they are. Our classrooms are a place where everyone feels welcomed and accepted. We are committed to providing a variety of choices to all children to explore according to their own personalities, needs and desires. We believe that every voice matters. We are committed to embracing and encouraging children to express themselves. We encourage children to share their thoughts, ideas, and experiences openly, knowing that they will be listened to and valued.
  • The 3’s

    The Honeybee classroom includes a large area for dramatic play. Teachers call it the “dramatic play room,” but somehow the name always becomes “the magic play room” when the children say it! Lots of magical play happens here as the children develop their imaginations as well as their social skills. Every month brings a change of theme to the room: from undersea adventure to Santa’s workshop, our adventures in learning never stop.  Our curriculum includes time with the GSLS music teacher.
    HoneyBees LOVE the classroom jobs! To them, it’s not a chore to put away books, count days on the calendar, or perform any of our other “jobs,” it’s a very exciting privilege. It is also a very strong motivator for the children to begin some pre-reading skills. They learn to recognize their own names in print on the job chart, and sometimes even the names of all their friends.
    Outdoor learning is another HoneyBee favorite. An amazing playground awaits right outside our front door. We have lots of room to run, climb, and jump, as well as areas for more contemplative play. The HoneyBees learn to be good stewards of the earth, as we explore nature in our two raised-bed gardens; one for dirt, compost and worms; the other for whatever plants we may grow.
  • The ¾’s

    The Dragonfly Class is where children learn through play!  With our play-based curriculum, learning is made fun with daily, hands-on activities.

    Highlighting a "Letter of the Week" each week, the children have the experience of learning the alphabet in a fun, art-based way. Fridays are our cooking/baking days, which are always based on our weekly themes. This is a great way to practice counting and learn numbers, with a fun treat at the end. Who knew math and science could be so fun! We visit the library each week, and love singing in Chapel, and music class.
    We encourage our young Dragonflies to develop their communication skills through cooperation, collaboration, and building strong friendships. We want each child to feel a sense of community within our own classroom and Good Shepherd as a whole.
  • Pre-K

    Our PreK or Butterfly Class continues the tradition of a play-based program, but in PreK we introduce Frog Street curriculum. Endorsed by NAEYC, Frog Street was developed by experts in the early childhood field to address the needs of the whole child: cognitive, language, literacy, physical, and social-emotional developmental domains of each child, using a hands on and integrated approach--all with the intent of Kindergarten readiness.

    The comprehensive, research-based program integrates instruction across developmental domains including literacy, math, Science and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics). 

    The curriculum and resources are designed to tap into a child’s nature and create a joyful experience.  Songs, hands-on materials and activities, chants, games, and other activities are incorporated and designed to stimulate a child’s imagination.