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  • A Commitment to the Arts

    While strong academics are at the core of our program, GSLS has a treasured tradition of proving a superior drama, music and art program to our students.  Our arts program provides performance opportunities where drama, music, and chapel are an integral part of our curriculum at every grade level, building confidence and community at every step.  Research shows the importance of music instruction for children, both in their academic development and the benefits to mental health.  We believe in the importance of the arts in the lives of our students.
At GSLS, music instruction begins in Preschool, where students visit our specialist teacher weekly for songs and music.  In Elementary School the tradition continues, with music for all K-5th grade students, and band beginning in 3rd grade.

Theater becomes part of the curriculum beginning in 3rd grade. Students in 3rd-5th grade perform in a musical production each year. In Middle School, Musical Theater is offered as an elective as is band, and there are performances for both throughout the year.  

Art class with a specialist teacher begins in Kindergarten at GSLS and continues for each student until 5th grade. Art is also offered as a year long elective in Middle School. 

Chapels happen three times during the year, at Christmas, Easter and the end of the school year.  Each grade level performs and has the opportunity to to a reading.  Mastering of public speaking helps instill a sense of confidence in our students, giving them the ability to speak their minds without hesitation.  Students learn the skill of self-advocacy which is essential to developing leadership skills.